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Transportation is an industry sector that moves both people and goods. Modes of transportation are road (trucking, transit, and ground passenger), rail, water, air, and pipeline. This sector also includes warehousing, which engages in the storing and warehousing of goods. Toronto makes up over 50 percent of Ontario’s transportation and warehousing employment. In 2020, 106,754 Toronto residents were employed in this sector, compared to 104,037 in 2019, an increase of nearly 3 percent.

Being a hub of intermodal transit, while focusing on expanding services and mitigating the impacts of the pandemic, the transportation sector in Toronto is poised for growth in the coming years.

Toronto is a hub of economic activity, and as such, there are several modes of transport that can be used by individuals and businesses alike. As with many other sectors, transportation is a sector that is ripe for innovation. This is why the city of Toronto has developed several innovative transit projects to propel the city’s positioning as a world-class leader in transit innovation. Projects such as RapidTO, Automated Vehicles, and Transportation Innovation Zones are investments that will likely have a positive impact on employment in the sector.

Transportation is a sector that can be affected by a wide variety of external factors, such as policy and planning changes or a global pandemic. For example, in 2020, the TTC saw a significant decrease in ridership as a result of the pandemic. Alternatively, there has been an increase in demand for ecommerce and delivery services. It is likely that the sector will rebound and continue to grow as the effects of the pandemic lessen.

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Occupations with Positive Growth Outlook

Transport truck drivers 

This occupation mainly works in the following sector:

  • Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics: 81%

Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors 

This occupation mainly works in the following sectors:

  • Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics: 72%
  • Manufacturing: 19%

Bus drivers, subway operators and other transit operators 

This occupation mainly works in the following sector:

  • Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics: 93%

For other occupation prospects and more information visit Province of Ontario, Search job profiles ( and Government of Canada, Job prospects in the Toronto Region.

For More Information

Toronto Trucking Association

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March 15, 2021

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