How to: Approach Filling Hot Jobs in Innovative Ways

25 March 2024

In today’s competitive labour market, traditional hiring methods may not always suffice. Here’s a guide on how to approach filling job vacancies in innovative ways:

  1. Leverage the Internal Labour Market:
    Promote from Within: Identify and train current employees for new roles. This not only builds talent but also retains institutional knowledge.

    Succession Planning: Prepare for future vacancies by training employees to step into high-demand roles, ensuring a smooth transition and filling the gap created, by lining up the next employee from the company to take over.

  2. Address the Skilled Talent Gaps:
    Commit to hiring and training candidates from adjacent industries with similar mindsets and transferable soft skills.

  3. Develop Non-Traditional Talent Pipelines:
    Explore New Recruiting Sources: Attend college fairs, partner with trade schools, and collaborate with organizations that work with disabled persons, military veterans, formerly incarcerated individuals, and partner with local employers to support career changers.

    Redefine Hiring Strategies: Work with organizations that focus on underrepresented communities to tap into diverse talent pools.

  4. Optimize the Employee Value Proposition:
    Offer a holistic package from competitive compensation, flexible working options, and benefits that align with what employees value.

  5. Utilize Incentives Judiciously:
    Consider offering signing bonuses to sway candidates weighing multiple offers. Retention bonuses can also be effective in keeping key employees during transitional periods.

  6. Encourage Employee Referrals:
    Leverage your existing workforce’s network to find potential candidates. Often, employees can refer individuals who are a good cultural fit.

  7. Broaden Skill Set Considerations:
    Relax or remove non-essential skill requirements from job descriptions. Focus on transferable skills and potential for growth.

  8. Target Flexible Working Arrangements:
    Consider job sharers, part-timers, and candidates who prefer remote work. This can broaden your applicant pool significantly.

  9. Adopt Innovative Advertising Methods:
    Adopt less traditional advertising methods and enhance internet recruiting tactics by utilizing social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook who offer effective ways to get to a greater number of people.

  10. Engage with Passive Candidates:
    Remember, a large portion of the workforce consists of passive candidates, employees who are not currently seeking new employment actively but are open to a new opportunity.

Engage with them through networking events, social media, and professional connections.

By adopting these strategies, employers can not only fill vacancies more effectively but also build a more diverse and dynamic workforce. Remember, the key is to be open to new ideas and flexible in your approach to talent acquisition.


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How to: Approach Filling Hot Jobs in Innovative Ways
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